Member Introductions

Member Introductions

Make sure you read all the announcements and stickies as well as the FAQ page so you understand how the forums work and we can assist you the best we can. This is one helpful group of guys. Remember: this forum is for introductions and new member assistance. We strongly suggest you post a photo of your van. It helps us put a name to a van.
Forum rules
Please do not post support requests in the new members lounge! This forum is for new member introductions and assistance only. Please post other topics in their appropriate areas so they stay categorized.
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Member Introductions Synopsis

Hey new guy! Glad you found us. This forum is for new members and rookies alike. All the information that green members or newly registered newbies should need will be posted in the n00b forums. If you are a brand new user or rookie we're happy to have you as a recruit and as our draftee we hope you enjoy your stay.

It is currently April 23rd 2017, 6:52pm

Member Introductions
Hello and welcome to the best and original home for Astro & Safari owners. Please introduce yourself to the community and make yourself at home. Tell us about yourself and post your introductions and welcome messages here.
Common phrases: new member, rookies, green members, newly registered, newbies, n00b forums, brand new user, rookie, recruit, draftee
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