Astro ac issues

Astro ac issues

Postby Legojoe1977 [OP] » April 19th 2017, 1:10pm

I was lucky enough to have a 93 Astro van given to me by one of my customers. Last summer hired a mechanic to fix the AC in it. Let's just say nine months later it still is not right he even painted the van for me because he felt bad for it having so many problems. AC compressor dryer rear condenser coil have all been replaced. Rear motor and front coil are only two items I have not replaced. I replace the front blower motor the resistor pack the blower relay in harness and the fuel pump relay that goes next to it and harness. Define star jumper wire from the red to the blower lead blower kicks on blows on high everything is fine when I hook up all the wires to the blower relay as soon as I try to put the fan switch on high the blows the fuse. Also last time I got banned back from mechanic ac fuse at melted and total Center section the fuses stopped working. For temporary I make jumpers to feed Blind Side of fuses so I can still use van for work. Any help would be appreciated
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Re: Astro ac issues

Postby stanvalp » April 21st 2017, 12:00am

Fueling (1/4 tank)
Fueling (1/4 tank)
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Re: Astro ac issues

Postby sixsix » April 21st 2017, 12:14am

^ That.



ps: I dunno... take it back to "The Mechanic".
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Re: Astro ac issues

Postby 97cargocrawler » April 21st 2017, 12:23am

I feel inclined to help but I read and reread several times now and I dunno where to start. I guess mainly your issue sounds electrical so no need to replace the rear coil. Everything electrical should function regardless of whether or not the refrigerant system is intact, i.e. sealed pipes and whatnot. The one caveat to that would be the pressure sensor or clutch on the compressor but I don't think either would cause a blown fuse condition. That is the only connection between the electronics and fluid parts.

So concentrate on electrical. You say you have bypassed the fuses? Everything works in that condition? I assume you have replaced the fan motor in front. Perhaps disconnect the rear fan for sake of troubleshooting to see if the fuses still blow.
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