One Dollar Van

One Dollar Van

February 23rd 2014, 12:10am


January 18th 2014, 6:36pm
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Fueling (1/8 tank)
Fueling (1/8 tank)
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Yes, I paid 1 dollar (Canadian) for this van. The previous owner assumed there was some transmission issues, and didn't want to deal with them. I replaced the battery and pumped up the tires, and drove it to a shop. They noticed (I'm ashamed that I didn't) that the tires were different sizes, and one bent wheel.

Total cost: $1201. (4 tires, battery, one wheel, starter, fluid change)

Comment by zzimmer3 » February 23rd 2014, 1:44am

Nice catch!
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Comment by Tegnus » February 23rd 2014, 9:48pm

Great deal! :)
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Comment by SilverBullet1997 » March 4th 2014, 1:11am

Wow, 1$ Seriously, that is a deal!
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