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Re: Advice for a trip to pickup a van.

Are you thinking of cutting the hole in the floor to access the fuel pump? I cant imagine doing it from underneath in your situation being limited by tools you can would need jack stands, a floor jack (to raise van and lower gas tank, (and not sure how full the tank is but that affects th...
by vangogo
June 10th 2021, 4:24pm
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Topic: Advice for a trip to pickup a van.
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Re: How to identify AWD?

peek underneath for transfer case
by vangogo
June 8th 2021, 4:25am
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Topic: How to identify AWD?
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Re: Rev counter wiring

Just curious, which light is going out?
by vangogo
June 5th 2021, 10:05pm
Forum: Electrical
Topic: Rev counter wiring
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Re: Battery Relocation

I agree with MM on the isolated batteries for the reasons he mentioned. I had dual batteries in a westfalia and more than once it saved my bacon when I had to use the spare to jump start the van in the middle of nowhere. In the vanagon the batteries were under the front seats, so I didn't even need ...
by vangogo
June 4th 2021, 1:50pm
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Topic: Battery Relocation
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Re: Clunking sound in rear end

I was changing all the fluids when I bought my Astro 11 years ago, and when pulling the diff cover I found lots of metal on the magnet. The rear end seemed to be working OK, but I found damage on the spider gears. Was good to find it and fix it before it left me stranded. Good advice to pull the cov...
by vangogo
May 22nd 2021, 4:19am
Forum: Rear-End
Topic: Clunking sound in rear end
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Re: Still overheating after new fan clutch thermostat flush&

Sadly it seems pretty common to have new thermostats that malfunction. Could even be other components like the water pump or radiator. Beat of luck.
by vangogo
May 18th 2021, 10:55pm
Forum: Engines
Topic: Still overheating after new fan clutch thermostat flush&belt
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Re: 11.9 @ 109 -details?

Must be the binky lights and sparklers that make it go so fast
by vangogo
May 15th 2021, 3:11am
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Topic: 11.9 @ 109 -details?
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Re: Electric Powered Astro?

The Datsun in the vid of the last post is called the "White Zombie".The owner is John Wayland, he also has another blue Datsun show car called "Blue Meanie". He was with a group called NEDRA (National Electric Drag Racing Association) and they all did DYI electric conversions. Ba...
by vangogo
May 11th 2021, 3:19am
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Topic: Electric Powered Astro?
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Re: What does this plug go to?

Is your rear heater control valve solenoid working? I bypassed mine, and now have a similar extra plug in that area.
by vangogo
May 7th 2021, 3:49am
Forum: Electrical
Topic: What does this plug go to?
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Re: 88 Astro, Noise 'metallic flapping / tin clanking', up h

My '99 Astro had a similar issue once , turned out was just bad corrosion on cap/rotor, misfiring...happened when under a load, it sure sounded like something bigger and metallic clanking and I also had thoughts of transmission or converter going out. Hope its something that simple for your van
by vangogo
May 2nd 2021, 4:04am
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Topic: 88 Astro, Noise 'metallic flapping / tin clanking', up hills
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Re: SRP- All Dutch Cargo Sliding Rubber Door Seals Weatherst

I'll research this elsewhere
by vangogo
April 22nd 2021, 5:05am
Forum: Exterior
Topic: SRP- All Dutch Cargo Sliding Rubber Door Seals Weatherstrips
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Re: What's missing?

rear seat belts are usually mounted there
by vangogo
April 12th 2021, 3:22pm
Forum: Interior
Topic: What's missing?
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Re: intermittent stalling

no codes...thats what made if so much fun =P
by vangogo
April 10th 2021, 3:49am
Forum: Engines
Topic: intermittent stalling
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Re: Seatbelt buckle sleeve replacement

I had the same problem with my seat belts, and it did not appear that they were designed to replace just the plastic. I found some complete OEM seat belts on eBay (supposedly removed from Astros at a company that did conversion vans). A little pricier than I had hoped, but they work great. I can fee...
by vangogo
April 7th 2021, 3:43pm
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Topic: Seatbelt buckle sleeve replacement
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Re: Gas Mileage

I had a 1989 Chevy Z71 step side before the Astro, lifted it 9" and put 36" tires on it, I forget the actual numbers but driving to my brothers house was 200 miles, then after the lift only 180 miles...the effect of taller tires on the odometer reading. I joked about how it made every driv...
by vangogo
April 7th 2021, 4:20am
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Topic: Gas Mileage
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Re: intermittent stalling

Just thought I would throw in a gremlin I had dealt with about 5 years ago, (which may or may not be useful). My '99 would on occasion have a random 'hic-up' or stumble, I checked alot of the same stuff you did, all the tune up stuff looked good, had a fairly new fuel pump, finally found the crank p...
by vangogo
April 7th 2021, 3:06am
Forum: Engines
Topic: intermittent stalling
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Re: lower control arm bushings

I haven't checked whats available for RWD, but when the time comes to do mine on my AWD Im purchasing the Moog lower control arms, which already have the bushings and ball joints installed. Figured it make the job easier. =)
by vangogo
March 27th 2021, 3:41am
Forum: Stock Suspension
Topic: lower control arm bushings
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Re: Engine stalling after coolant flush.

Maybe double check the plug at the Mass Air Flow sensor (near the air filter), you may have taken that apart to access the thermostat?
by vangogo
March 23rd 2021, 8:17pm
Forum: Engines
Topic: Engine stalling after coolant flush.
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Re: What is this piece called? What is the best way to fix i

Yes, you will have to bleed it, especially after changing the line.
by vangogo
March 21st 2021, 2:56am
Forum: Brakes
Topic: What is this piece called? What is the best way to fix it?
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Re: Front carpet replacement

I found a company that makes molded front rubber flooring for the Astro, but not exactly what I need. Their 2nd gen flooring has the slight molded hump for the rear heat duct, and the cut out areas behind the seats for the vent openings. Im planning on removing all that and was looking for something...
by vangogo
March 19th 2021, 10:42pm
Forum: Interior
Topic: Front carpet replacement
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