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  1. Climate Control
    Well boys, I sent her a little too f**kin' hard bud! My upper Heater hose on my 1994 (the one that runs from the heater into the block on the intake manifold) sprung a pretty nasty leak as I pulled in to where I'm staying. you can see on the second photo that the loom around the hose has a wet...
  2. Engines
    I have a 1994 awd Astro Van with 115k miles. I love the van it’s been great and it’s got its little issues ever now and then but however there has been a couple times now when I’m driving and all of a sudden my engine runs real rough and if I slow down I will stall out. My mechanic says my...
  3. Uncategorized
    6 months into our marriage, my wife and I pulled the trigger on a 1994 Safari. We've dreamt of the travel life for years but between life and COVID it never materialised. The van needed tons of work and you all have actually helped me greatly with my various issues and concerns. Now, finally...
  4. Stock Suspension
    Been researching for a while about how to do this swap, and I finally found the holy grail front spring mount that allows everything to bolt over. I ripped the springs and mounts off a 2005 cargo in a junkyard, they seemed in good shape. I spent an entire night cleaning them up with a wire...
  5. Pluto

    Camper van for two married burnout stoners from Toronto. Built for the sole purpose of camping, travel, and getting the bloody hell out of Ontario hopefully once and for all.
1-5 of 6 Results