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  1. Electrical
    Hey everyone I am new here and also pretty recently got a 2000 Safari. My van has been stalling out and dying while running. since I've had it I replaced the starter, the serpentine belt and the battery and these problems are still coming up... I've checked and all the pulleys along the belt are...
  2. Engines
    what are you guys using for high amp alternators? i see tons out there but, i'm sure half of it is garbage. any thoughts on inverters?
  3. Electrical
    Just replaced my steering gear box, drag link and oil cooler line in my 03 AWD Astro. Required taking out the air box, fan cowl and moving around the fuse box just a bit. Disconnected battery before doing any of the work. When I put everything back where it was and tried starting the engine, I...
  4. Electrical
    2000 AWD Astro Hey there! I've been having issues with pulsing lights (both interior and exterior) while the van is running. Sometimes its worse than others. The voltage gauge moves with the pulsing lights, so I recently installed a USB outlet that has voltage reading on it so I could get a...
1-4 of 4 Results