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  1. Vans For Sale
    Up for sale is my 2000 gmc safari named Fin! Im selling my rig to pay for the rest of my schooling. I originally bought him and built him from scratch for a 4 month trip back east last summer. (ran like a top, 0 issues) In his early days he was a Comcast fleet rig, so he got regularly scheduled...
    $25,000 USD
  2. Interior
    Hey all, I was wondering if anybody has tried to put like a bubble window or window pop outs to make the back of the van wider? I want to try to put a bed sideways in my van to make for more space but I am 6'2". Maybe putting 4" on each side would allow me to sleep comfortably.
  3. Projects/Builds
    I've been eyeballing various Astros & Safaris for a few months now. I haven't stumbled into the right one at the right time yet. What I hope to find is an AWD cargo with gray cockpit interior, power locks, and power windows. My intent is to make it into a camper. (I do not plan on raising the...
  4. Lifted Suspension
    So I have been debating for a while if I should get s-10 leaf springs or journeys lift kit. The thing is I think I need new leaf springs anyways because I did a camper conversion and added some weight (see pic). But I am nervous that the s-10 leaf springs could be more difficult to do because...
  5. Projects/Builds
    Hi Astro/Safari people! Can anyone recommend a locking exterior mount for an 11 lb propane tank that would work with Astro dutch doors without having to weld? I don't mind drilling holes in my van, but I don't know how to weld and I don't know anyone else who welds. Or, can anyone recommend a...
  6. Vans For Sale
    Hey All, I've reluctantly decided to sell my Astro van. I won't bother writing another novel here, as it's all in the CL post, but here are the bullet points: 1998 Astro AWD 173,XXX Miles LOTS of recent work done Modular interior conversion done by me, a professional in the van up-fitting...
1-6 of 7 Results