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  1. Vans For Sale
    Selling my 1995 Astro RWD conversion van with 137,000 miles. Maroon with a pink/red cloth interior. I have owned it for the past 3 years and 7000 miles and have done my best to care for it, but unfortunately, it has recently developed a connecting rod knock and has low oil pressure, so it will...
    $1,000 USD
  2. 4WD,AWD And Transfer Case
    Okay so I’m new here and have an awd question. I have a 99 Astro van and want to make it awd. I understand how everything works mechanically and electronically. But I’m curious if you can take a awd subframe from an 03 and up van to make it 6 bolt. I’m not sure if the subframe bolts up the same...
  3. Vans For Sale
    1997 Astro AWD Hightop Conversion Van. 161,000 miles. Medford area of Southern Oregon. Conversion by Geneva. 2nd owner. I have had this van for 17 years, and we have used it as a camper in the summer and a daily driver in the winter. No rust. (Highways are sanded, not salted in Southern...
    $4,500 USD
  4. Brakes
    I have been a lurker and occasional poster here for many years, and have spent countless hours searching the posts for information when I've needed it. Now I want to give something back. :) This is my write-up on a rear disc brake conversion that I completed on my 1999 Astro using parts sourced...
1-4 of 4 Results