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  1. Uncategorized
    Not sure which forum to post this under so I hope uncategorized is okay? This issue has been going on for longer than I've owned this van, it's been doing it ever since I bought it over six months ago. When making sharp turns, there is a loud clunking/clicking noise that sounds like it's coming...
  2. 4WD,AWD And Transfer Case
    So a few hours and a few hundred miles after buying my van, heard a LOUD THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP on the highway. Pulled off. Wheels looked fine, some play in the CV so I towed it home from there. After inspection, there's A LOT of play on the passenger side CV where it meets the front diff, and...
  3. Rear-End
    Hello all, This is my first post on the forum, I received a 2001 Astro as payment for a welding job I did this last January. As long as I've had the van, its had a nice consistent howl as long as the van is moving at 5mph or at 60 the howl is there. The previous owner told me he noticed the howl...
1-3 of 3 Results