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  1. V8 Swap
    hi guys, so I have a 2002 gmc safari 4.3 I also have a 4.8 vortex would be awesome to throw the v8 in my van! is it possible to do? is there enough room? if so where can I bring it to get it done or is someone on here interested in the job? I can do basic mechanics not engine swaps lol...
  2. For Sale Parts for free

    Parts/Accessories For Sale
    Hi! i donate these parts ! Only to pay the shipping (my van is a gmc safari 2005 SLT AWD) -Blower motor (still works!) -blower motor resistor (still works!) -All that is in the pictures. [email protected] 450-559-5857 Facebook: Olivier Beaudry I can ship anywhere ! I also have things...
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  3. Pluto

    Camper van for two married burnout stoners from Toronto. Built for the sole purpose of camping, travel, and getting the bloody hell out of Ontario hopefully once and for all.
1-3 of 4 Results