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    Hello, this is my first post. Hopefully someone here can help me because im about to give up on my poor Astro Cargo van. The other day it started overheating. My coolant level was low so I added coolant but ths problem persisted. I ended up pushing it home. I concluded that the water pump had...
  2. Engines
    So I recently had a really hard time trying to find a power steering leak in my 96’ astro and I found out that the van actually uses a steering box instead of rack and pinion. But anyway I was almost finished replacing parts (doing it part by part because no money) and I do a little drive around...
  3. Interior
    I currently have a 94 GEN one Astrovan that is in generally good condition, yet needing a little bit of love in a few places. I was curious if the interior dash trim and dog house mount for the GEN two Astro could fit in the GEN one. If anyone has any insight on this matter it would be much...
  4. Engines
    Ive picked up a 2002 AWD astro with 400,000km that had a seized motor as a project. Ive taken the motor apart (looks like previous owners never did maintenance of any kind.) and found that the thrust bearing spun, so the cranks out getting machined. ive also got the block, heads and pistons out...
  5. Engines
    Does anybody know where the knock sensor is located on a 2000 chevy astro. The handbook says there should be "a single sensor located at the top rear of the engine block near the distributer." Please help. Photos appreciated.
1-5 of 5 Results