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  1. Interior
    Does anyone know where the keyless entry control unit is located? Is it a separate module or is it integrated with something like the BCM? I'm trying to figure out why my 2001 Astro AWD has no interior lights. Nothing comes on when any door is opened. The dome override switch does nothing. Even...
  2. Interior
    I currently have a 94 GEN one Astrovan that is in generally good condition, yet needing a little bit of love in a few places. I was curious if the interior dash trim and dog house mount for the GEN two Astro could fit in the GEN one. If anyone has any insight on this matter it would be much...
  3. Interior
    Hi! Does anyone know the interior distance from the back of the driver's seat to the front of the fuel tube, and how far the fuel tube sticks out from the wall? I'd sure like to know without removing the side panel to find out 😊. This is in a 2000 Astro. Thanks much!
1-3 of 9 Results