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  1. Engines
    05 chevy astro 215xxx -p300 -only after driving at hwy speeds under a load for over and an hour -then drive around town for 5 min and engine light goes back off and stays off unless i get back on the hwy for more than and hour things ive tried -good distributor, cap and rotor(no pancake...
  2. Engines
    I’ve got a 2002 Astro van AWD 4.3 and have been trying to figure out some issues with it. Here’s the backstory- I got this van a few months ago and I’m slowly fixing it up. The issues I’m having is the van always runs like crap and intermittently the transmission will somewhat work. Sometimes it...
  3. Engines
    Hey Guys, i need you're help. My 1993 astrovan ( engine code Z ) has a lot of random misfires on idle, sometimes more sometimes less. When I start it cold it will idle nice and smooth until I rev it up or when it heats up. Then you need to give it a bit of throttle that he will not die. Also...
  4. Engines
    Hello everyone, I have replaced cap, rotor, plugs, wires and distributor in my 2000 astro. Fuel pressure is good. What is next? I heard maf sensor and spider injection. I just want to do small things prior to fuel injection just in case. Thanks everyone!
1-4 of 4 Results