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  1. Engines
    So with my '98 Astro LT passenger van when we bought it we were able to drive it home and drive it for a few days and then we noticed that the metal fuel lines off the fuel pump were rusted and it was dumping gas out. It would still start even those lines leaking. We dropped the tank and...
  2. Electrical
    Just replaced my steering gear box, drag link and oil cooler line in my 03 AWD Astro. Required taking out the air box, fan cowl and moving around the fuse box just a bit. Disconnected battery before doing any of the work. When I put everything back where it was and tried starting the engine, I...
  3. Electrical
    Hi! We have an astro first gen from 1987 that is having a hard time starting in cold and damp weather. I've combed through some posts mentioning the ignition block might be at the core of our issues, but they were about the next gen. Anyone have similar issues with a first gen Astro? Any tips...
1-3 of 3 Results