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  1. Technical Information
    Hello everyone, Thank you for letting me be here. I have a 1996 GMC Safari. The check engine light is on. I went to go read the codes and The OBD2 port is not under the dash on the drivers side. I just bought this. I'm stumped. I see a bracket where it could have been. and it looks broken. But...
  2. Wanted
    The plastic bracket that the OBD2 port is mounted on broke. The port's OK, but I would like to replace the mount and get it back to 'factory' condition. I have no idea what the park is worth (or even how to get it out intact) so I put a buck in there for a price figuring anyone with one in...
    $1 USD
  3. Engines
    2000 Astro Noticed check engine light yesterday while driving, so this morning since i was about to drive 150 miles I decided to check the code just in case. I initially fired up the engine for about 30 seconds before turning it off and plugging in OBD2 scanner, so i know engine was totally...
1-3 of 3 Results