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  1. Exterior
    i really appreciate the input I got from this community on the 1st attempt would love to hear what everyone thinks about this one 2005 Chevrolet Astro AWD Miles 178K $7000 1st ATTEMPT
  2. 4WD,AWD And Transfer Case
    Hi there- I'm currently looking for an awd astro in Southern California under 7k- Ideally I would love to find one that has more of a conversion interior (captains chairs and higher roof) I found a great interior on a '97 that is an AWD but the posting says the Front Differential is gone so is...
  3. Exterior
    Hi Biting the bullet and having the rust fixed on my 2000 with 80K on it. The body guy, who specializes in rust repair, said he doesn't want to spend the time hunting around to see if replacement panels are available. Does anyone have s source for full length replacement rocker panels? Thanks!
  4. Brakes
    anyone got a lead on a good astro mechanic in denver? my van is rusty, from east coast, can't find anyone who will even touch the van. i'm stuck in a game of pinball, shop to shop, i got quoted yesterday $3k just in labor. i need new all new break lines, i do not have the time or skillset to...
  5. Exterior
    Junkyard pulled this for me, is it too rusty to use or can I clean it and seal it with rust converter? Is that surface rust or does it go too deep into the metal? The core supports look to be in decent shape, but since it's a safety feature I'm not 100% sure. Sorry, I'm a noob lol. Thank you.
1-5 of 7 Results