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  1. Interior
    [Accidentally posted this in Exterior, apologies] Does a '00 Astro AWD cargo have implements to directly mount seats in the back and/or would '99 seats work in the front/back? I can't check the back because it has a mounted cargo liner that I'd cut through if I could potentially mount at least...
  2. Interior
    Just seeing what seats have been added to your Astro, was it easy, hard? What did the new seats come out of? My seats are from an 05 BMW 535i. Fully electric with heaters.
  3. Parts/Accessories For Sale
    We removed the middle row bucket seats in order to convert our van to a camper. We have a front passenger seat and a middle row drivers side seat, 50 each obo. The front passenger seat has both arm rests but we are removing the power adjustment mechanism. We used the passenger side middle row...
    $50 USD
1-3 of 3 Results