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110v ac

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not my van but it is a astro with a corvette ifs rear rend and a V8.


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nope no joke , the guy is up grading his alt and building a cabnet around the a/c , invertor and battery , it will be vented through the floor to dissipate the heat .
'cudapaul said:
That AC unit can't be more than 5K BTUs, the vehicle AC is over 30K BTUs. Isn't going to keep cool that way.
And I like how everything is bolted down! And especially the battery cables going thru the sheet metal, can you say arc welder, ka-boom?

He should just use a wet towel and drive fast with the windows down!
And if the owner can install a V8 and a Corvette IFS in an M/L Van, what happened here?
he got sick and tired of fixing the a/c , that way if the a/c craps out its only a $100 a/c unit not paying a shop to try to fix it .
hes not done yet , just a progress pic .
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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