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1988 Astro sleeper.

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I’d like to share some of the stuff I learned, figured out, cobbled whatever you want to call it when I did my LS swap in my van. I didn’t take a large amount of pictures for the project but I will insert them as it makes sense. A little background on the unit.
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Here is the day I brought it home. Killer marketplace find. $500. 105,000 miles. I’m 2nd owner. Old guy I bought it from bought it new and used it for his auto glass business. Never drove in the winter and stored inside as long as it wasn’t out on a job. The 4.3 was knocking And down a cylinder but it started and drove itself on the trailer. Everybody laughed about my grandpa van, they just couldn’t see the big picture. The plan was a 6.0 with a 400 in it. When I was in high school I swapped an old 305 into my 87 Astro and never had issues with the rear end so I figured I would leave this one stock too, it already had the G80 with 3.42’s in it. We’ll I’ll get into that later….
First I collected parts. I’ll try and list manufacturers and parts as i go.
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Damn I hurt my neck trying to read those cam specs. Nice find it should be a fun ride with the 6.0
Keep us posted
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