Craigslist add for photos: 1994 Chevy Astro AWD - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive...

Located in the pacific northwest near the Canadian border. Everson, Washington
Open to offers:

Low mileage (118,XXX)1994 Chevy Astro AWD, very clean inside and out. No rust. A few dings that should be easily repaired. CS model bucket front seats and middle row seats. No rear seats from the factory. I believe this was a military vehicle used at Lewis McChord AFB for most of it's previous life.

I bought this van during the summer months as a vehicle to haul motorcycles and camp in. It had previously been sitting for several years non-running. After replacing several components I drove it around this summer putting a few thousand miles on it. Recently I went to start it, and nothing. It just cranks. Fuel pressure test shows the fuel pump is not working, however it was replaced only a few months ago. Vehicle will need to be towed. I have to little time and not enough patience to fix this again. Probably an easy fix for someone mechanically inclined.

New parts within the past 6 months: All AC Delco or equivalent OEM GM parts
Fuel pump and filter
Distributor Cap and Rotor
Spark Plugs and wires
AC Compressor and R-134 recharge-yes AC works!
Probably forgetting a few things.

No broken windows, tail lights, turn signals, headlights all work. Heck, even the cruise control worked when it was running...

Additional known working Fuel Pump and new distributor included in sale. All additional interior parts are also included (console, cupholders, etc. Doghouse was off to diagnose fuel pressure issue in photos). Also hood was popped slightly in photo, no issues with hinges or closing completely.