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1994 Subframe swap

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I have a 1994 shorty panel i bought a few years back. It had been sitting in a field for sometime and the subframe has rusted and has a few small holes.

My question is;
Can i swap out a newer subframe from a 2002 Astro into the 1994?
Slight modifications can be done , I just wat to make sure it will bolt up before tearing the donor apart.
As i have read the subframes are the same from 1989 to 1995 and are different for 1996 and above.

New to the site but have found a lot of great information here.

Thanks for reading
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All Astro /Safari frames bolt up the same -however the brake lines are different , the transmission shifters are completely different too but otherwise still doable. I put a 98 AWD frame under my 89 rear drive RS shorty. Oh and the 03 to 05 models are 6 lug wheels, so there's also that to think about.
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