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1995 Astro - Steering Wheel Bounce / Shudder with Road Imperfections

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I have a 1995 RWD Astro conversion van with 49,000 miles (a relative purchased it new and it has been garage stored and not driven much in the last 15 years). Nearly everything on the vehicle was original, including the dry-rotted 1995 date-coded tires and leaking shocks, lol.

Recently I had the shocks changed (they used AC Delco model 560571), new brake rotors, wheel bearings, idler arm assemblies, tie rod ends (inner and outer), drag link, and Michelin Defender LTX tires (currently at 30 psi) installed.

The ride quality and handling feels pretty good, it tracks perfectly straight, and not much slop in the steering wheel. However, it feels like there isn't a buffer between the steering wheel and the suspension, causing the steering wheel to shudder / bounce sensation, and every road imperfection is transmitted directly into the steering wheel. Even if I’m driving slowly in a parking lot going 5 mph, I can still feel the pavement imperfections through the steering wheel.

Since I’m new to this vehicle and its driving characteristics, I am wondering if this is simply the nature of the Astro’s suspension design…or if this is indicative of a broken, defective, or an incorrectly installed part, or if the new shocks are too stiff...too soft, etc.

I recorded a short video clip while driving about 20 MPH over a slightly choppy road where you can see the steering wheel shaking / bouncing.

And here is a short clip simply showing the linkages moving as I turned the wheel left-right on a gravel driveway.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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