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1995 Chevy astro van - battery keeps dying!

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Hi guys,

Wondering if anyone can help.

I just bought a lovely 1995 Chevy astro van off a good friend. Trouble is when its not driven for several days, the battery dies and needs to be started with jump leads.

Anyone else suffer from the same problem and whats the best solution for this?

Also, the electric windows take forever to go back up once down. You have to literally keep pushing the button and it goes back up a bit by bit each time. Very annoying. I'm guessing its a dodgy electrics connection?

Any advice is much appreciated.

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Thanks big kid!

I'll give that a try as well and hope that its OK. I'm looking into getting a battery isolator switch for it but have no idea what kind I need as there are so many. Or does it not matter?

I'm putting it in for a service this Friday which is costing me £170 + VAT then whatever the badboy needs on top. I'm starting to feel the burn in my pocket already but hey...if it was easy then everyone would have 1.

I'm based in the South of London. Is anyone else here from London?

If anyone has any tips on keeping this beast well maintained etc it would be hugely appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.
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No I didnt as my friend I bought it off did say that there was an issue and that the battery wouldn't hold its charge but I didn't think it would be that bad to fix. I had to jump start the van 3 times 2day which was annoying. I've booked it in for a service this Friday so hopefully it'll be OK after that.

Do u reckon a long drive would help it? I'm planning to do a 100 mile journey in it tomorrow but I'm worried that it wont start after I fill up the tank.

I've only read good reviews about these vans before buying it but after browsing through this forum there seems to be loads of issues with peoples vans which leads me to have a slightly different perception of owning one now.

Saying that, it is a great van regardless.
Thanks for the replies guys!

Really appreciate it!

So I took it to 'American auto parts' near me and turns out my van needs:

1. battery £ 132.05+vat
2. rh rear seal £ 9.79+vat
3. brake shoes £ 57.21+vat
4. antifreeze (there is water in cooling system) £ 26.55+vat
5. two idler arms £ 47.65+vat each
6. rh lower ball joint £ 32.20+vat
7. drag link £ 55.51+vat

labour for all is 6.5 hours (£ 60.00+vat per hour)

Daaaaaaaaamn! I feel crippled & heart broken!

What a f*cker!

There's me thinking these vans are supposed to be reliable! I've had mine for 3 days and its already cost me an arm & a leg!

What next?!
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Hey spongebob,

I thought that too but he is only charging me £1,600 for it and I can pay him whenever I have the cash. So although it needs the work, your not gona pick one of these puppies up for that price. So in theory the van has cost me £2790 total which is still pretty good.
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