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Hello and good morning,

I'm browsing parts store inventory for a steering box on my 1995 Safari AWD. They all offer two design options: a) 1st Design - Snap Ring in Input Shaft Cover or b) 2nd Design - No Snap Ring in Input Shaft Cover ....... with the latter being a good $50 more pricey on average. (design delineation and pricing per Rockauto)

I've confirmed my van has the pricey 2nd design one. In fact, I bought both kinds to compare them on the bench, with the intention to return whichever I don't use.

The input and output spline look identical on them, and mounting points are the same, so it would seem I could install either. But does someone have any insight on the functional difference between the two? And would I be shooting myself in the foot later if I installed the cheaper 2nd design one?
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