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Thanks for the reply.
Well i´ll be adding lpg tank instead of the wheel reserve, since paying for gas is unreal here. So that will be some constant load. And i´ll make camper conversion that will be sitting in it most of the time.
I´d like to get the airbags, but from what i´ve seen they are 500 bucks and more. Which seems quite a lot when i won´t be carrying heavy loads and towing a lot. The leafs are in somewhat good shape. The rear is not sagging in comparison to front, but of course the torxions saged a bit too probably.
Overall i´m leaning foreward to the option of blocks between axle and suspension, because it won´t affect stiffnes but will add the height i want for the least money.

Putting blocks between leafs and axle is one of the worse idea how to improve height. Leafs are for sure sagged it they are more than 20 years old. Look for options: new original leafs, from other car S10 or buy leafs from states. There is also option to put additional springs on the axle, but this does not look nice. Aibags is another good option.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts