AWD Astrovan. A lot of work has been put into making sure this van can stay dependable. There is only 100k miles on the new motor. Just did a major tune up so she should be good for another hundred thousand miles or more. I've seen some Astros pass 400k.

New rebuilt transmission (2019)
new rebuilt radiator (2019), new battery (2021)
-Goal Zero Solar Panels and Yeti Power Cell (Yeti 400 + 2x Boulder 15)
-8 inch lift kit
-Added leaf spring in rear
-Rancho XT Shocks in the front
-Yakima cargo box
-Cargo Deck that attaches to hitch included
-Tinted windows

The ugly:
I would say this is a fixer upper van.
The reason the price of the van is so discounted at 5,000 is because it has a handful of very minor issues.
The driver side door panel is cracked, replacement is about $150. This causes the window to jump.
The passenger door handle is loose, but still works and a replacement handle is $50.
The sliding door screw and slider came off, easy to put back. No repair cost you just need tools.
Other than that, the van runs great and everything under the hood is close to perfect. Just drove it out here from Utah.

These additional repairs performed before we owned it include:
-Motor Swap
-Transfer case replacement
-Steering components (Moog)
-Rear-end rebuild
-ABS Sensor replacement
-Oil cooler lines
-Rear door lift-sling replacement