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2.5 instead of 4.3

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Has anyone ever tried to swap out a 2.5 where a 4.3 was. Can I change the wire harness as a plug in ( take out the 4.3 harness ) and plug and plumb the a 2.5 in it's place . I have been driving an E250 4x4 van and the gas mileage has been way to costly . Want to stay with the 4x4 van , but increase gas mileage . Feed aback and comments welcomed

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if you want better gas milage , don't go down in motor size , go up to a 305 or 350 . you have to remember these vans are like a big brick on the road ,not very down sizing the motor your making a smaller motor push the same weight as the 4.3 was , theres no way your going to get better milage . now if you drop in a bigger motor you now have more HP & torque to push that little van along the road . increase in milage is inevetable as long as your not hotrodding all the time . :layrubber:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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