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2000 Astro to change or not the rotor and cap?

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Everything is running fine. approx. 220,000 km. Fuel pump replaced at 128,000 km. $2000 tranny rebuild at about 200,000 km, replaced plugs at 160,000 km. and fuel filter at about every 50,000 km
Original rotor and cap still in use.
Is it recommended to replace the cap and rotor even if still running fine?

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i do believe gm recomends them at 160000km
You have gone all those miles with the same cap and rotor ? it actually running fine? It is definitely time for a new cap and rotor .Way overdue. I can guarantee that when you take off the old ones they will be very worn and pitted.If you never changed the plug wires nows a good time
That is what I would think but the factory service manual says to not replace unless there are driveability problems. I bought them anyway and will do it but am not in a hurry to do it...
Thanks for your replies.
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