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2001 with a intermittent mis

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Hey all, my 2001 is having a weird problem that I need to get resolved. It has a mis or a skip, used to only notice it evry now and agian and mostly at highway speeds, but its becoming worse and more often. The pump and filter were replaced, the pump died so thats clear. I notice it more on days below 45-50deg. lately when it starts to skip or mis, she will start to loose power and I can hear some ignition ping. Just for the heck of it I tried some ethanol free fuel and it helped some. (i know its not a fuel type issue) The odd part is when it happens the ABS light will pop up? Maybe because of the hard shake? Need so advice before I drop her to the mechanic, I have a trustworthy shop, but if I can save some $$$$. I havent scanned it yet.
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about 155k on her, no idea of the plugs. tried every kind of gas i could find. temps make the biggest difference, but its never right.
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