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2002 Astro with random misfire (P0300) -replace distributor?

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Hi all, I have a 2002 Astro with 166k that is new to me and came with a misfire issue in all cylinders P0300. Also throwing code P0341 "Camshaft position sensor 'A' circuit" . From doing research on these forums it appears most likely culprits are either worn distributor gear or chafed main wiring harness. Any insights into which I should chase? Something else? DTC report attached


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Note two distributor "rotor positions":

1) Where it swivels to once lifted
2) Resting place when seated

I'd make two marks.

You'll want to pre-align new distro to same "swivel to" location, then drop it in.
Doing this makes the job go quickly and smoothly.

Note: If the new distributor won't fully seat, you have two options:

1) You can reach in with long flat-blade screwdriver and align oil pump shaft (preferred)
2) If you're certain you dropped it in correctly, you can bump the starter, and it will drop into place.
If you're wrong however, you will need to go though process of lining up TDC on cylinder #1 to align new distro.
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