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2002 Astro with random misfire (P0300) -replace distributor?

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Hi all, I have a 2002 Astro with 166k that is new to me and came with a misfire issue in all cylinders P0300. Also throwing code P0341 "Camshaft position sensor 'A' circuit" . From doing research on these forums it appears most likely culprits are either worn distributor gear or chafed main wiring harness. Any insights into which I should chase? Something else? DTC report attached


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I have a 2002 Astro. I replaced my distributor that had same problem (around the same mileage). Remove distributor cap. if there is any at all side to side movement in the distributor ,replace it. Easy to do once dog house is off. I have 310,00 plus on my odometer now. runs great Just need to address some oil leaks and maybe replace timing chain, PS make sure to mark old distributor before removing. No need to do all that getting engine to number 1 cylinder ect. I also would recommend replacing intake gasket or you will have to pull it out again later to do it. It's tricky because of space but I accomplished it with no issues.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts