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2002 Safari Van, rusty.

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I wanted to thank everyone's post(s) and picture(s)...have proven invaluable.

I recently bought my 4th Astro/Safari van. I thought I would posts pictures as I fix her up, since everyones' pictures helped me a lot in the past.
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After purchase, I drove her home 2 hours. Drives nice, but I took back roads and never went over 40mph. These are pictures taken by the previous owner that she posted in the classified. Located in Pennsylvania, so she is rusty/rotted. I hope some of my 'fixes/photos' will help others, as others' threads, has helped me.

2002 AWD with towing, rear AC, rear heat, plus standard options. 151,000 mileage.
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I was midway through this first repair, and decided to share...radiator support! At first, I tried lifting the body, but pulled the frame up with it. It worked, on my past vans. This time, I had to chain the bumper rails to the bottom of my engine lift, in order to raise the body to proper height.
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I knew what I was getting into. This is only the beginning, much more damage will be shown.
Note: i just found out ODB port power is same circut as the rear cigarette lighter power(blown AUX fuse). I also have the front cig lighter stays on(this is likely normal) but the rear heat/rear air blower power remains on as well, not sure why, could drain my battery one day.
Welcome! Im partial to the color, i find it hides the rust on mine
I was shocked to find spray paint costs $18! But Walmart saved the day, with matching paint to boot! The paint is very close, depending on which viewing angle, maybe a different primer, can get it closer. I use tape to prevent overspray(notice straight lines), this is just a quick paint over rusty spots.
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(Krylon 7519 gloss classic red closely matches 2002 Astro paint code 307D)
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Didn't as much as I wanted this weekend, cut out some of the rust and made some brackets to bolt into bushings....
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.....then I reassembled the front end to check height and alignment. I probably will make new pieces, using sheet metal to replace what I cut out. The brackets will have holes drilled and bolted in, I'll have to wait for new bushings in order to finish.
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