2003 GMC Safari Van 198k
Runs Good, Trans Shifts Good.
$1500.00 or best offer...
You can get in, start up and drive however……

Main issue is “Readiness Monitors” not setting for O2.
I don’t know if Im doing “drive cycle” wrong or what.

As a result I have not been able to smog.
The tags expired 2020 (last time I checked $500 was due)

Other Issues that need attention:
has power steering leak
I think it might have a slow oil leak (oil pan gasket maybe) hard to tell source with all the ps fluid everywhere.
Steering has some play (boot that cover steering box still in place, dont know how to get it off without destroying it) so I have not adjusted the screw.
Driver side door panel bottom half fallen apart (needs replacement) but top part still functioning.
Passenger side door window glass completely gone.
AC compressor not working (rear connector is not plugged in. I think previous owner disabled on purpose? plug clip broken so wont snap/click in. So front/rear AC van with no working AC (but hey, Heat works :)
No parking brake. Nothing.. No tension when pressing. Cable intact, I think issue in drum. Have not inspected.
There is no carpet and no rear seats. I have rear side/wall panels (uninstalled) but included.
Side rear view mirrors are there but need to be replaced.

Here's what I've done (all within the last year):
Replaced high pressure power steering hose (still have a leak somewhere)
Cap/Rotor & Iridium Spark Plugs
Of coarse Oil/filter and air filter
All 3 O2 Sensors
Most recently replaced Crankshaft Position Sensor (read in a thread here that it helped with readiness monitors so hail marry that still did not resolve my readiness monitor issue)
I have 2 keys plus key fob for power locks/alarm.
1 locking gas cap with 2 keys (oh yeah, new gas cap)

I believe this is a good van with a lot of life left in it. I just don’t have any more time to mess around with it. I’ve tried to be as transparent as I can. I not trying to scam anyone so feel free to ask questions. Please serious inquires only.