Location - Madison county IN
$1000 OBO - Didn't know a fair price, please make an offer
Clear Indiana title in my name
Could drive home, but would recommend towing if going a long distance.

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Could be a work vehicle for some years, but might be best as a parts van unless you repair the radiator support. I am trying to be as transparent as possible, if you have any questions I will try to answer as best I can.

Van has rust up front on the radiator support (pictures). The rest of the body has minimal rust. Inner rockers are solid and although I didn't pull the cladding some of it is hanging by the doors and it's not in bad shape. AWD doesn't work. Light is on, but I never looked into it. Will need new tires if you decide to drive it (vs parts van). Could be a good AWD swap donor. I haven't driven it much so I don't know everything about it. I flushed out the cooling system several times and refilled with the older (95 and earlier) green coolant. It is mostly water for right now.

Replaced the spider with a rebuilt ACDELCO unit
New dist. rotor.
All 4 calipers look new (previous owner)
New radiator
New water pump.
New thermostat
New radiator cap
New cooling fan
Brand new battery (replaced today)
New o2 sensor ( I think I've replaced all 3, but I know I did B1S1 and the one after the cat)
Fresh oil and filter
New ACDELCO spark plugs

I have a bunch of parts I had saved from a 97 van I parted out that won't fit my 95 or 86 that they buyer can help themselves to. I have all 4 OEM floor mats available, but not included free since I can use the front 2 in my cargo.

No Muffler (I have an OEM muffler and tailpipe available free, but it's not on the van)
No Cat
2 broken studs on driver side exhaust manifold on they y pipe flange
I rigged up an o2 sensor bung because the B1S1 was seized
Rear a/c and heat, not sure if it works or is even hooked up
No inner fender splash guards
Small electrical drain
Just started constantly having the blower motor on when battery is hooked up (I disconnected the blower for now)
Chip in the windshield
Hood is tweaked, but you can only tell when hood release is pulled.
Hood has paint transfer on front edge
Grill has a broken part in it
Driver side tail light has a crack in it (have an extra I could include if requested)
I couldn't get the key to unlatch the hatch, but the electric release works fine.
No passenger seat base (have a manual and power seat base available free, but doesn't match interior color)
Cooling system might have junk in it. I tried to clean it out as best I could. The old radiator was collecting it and I can give the buyer my phone number to get a free replacement(s) if needed.
Broken sway bar link on pass side (I think, it might be DS)
Needs motor mounts, oil pan on axle. I have an oil pan from a 97 2wd available (not sure if it's the exact same). Also have poly inserts I can include for $75