The kick-*** winter rat / backup van project met it's end first with covid, then the rust. Purchased 5-years ago from a local community college, it spent it's life going around in circles ( all left turns like Nascar ) on the campus and the occasional foray into the city for parts and errands.

Was pretty rusted when I got it and after fixing the brakes, fuel lines, etc used it for part of one winter and then parked it in the driveway where it sat. and sat. Moved it around a number of times to a different spot and the occasional "clean out the injectors " down the street in snow storms but it never went back on the road.

This winter the rest of the radiator mount rusted away and when it crunched down it finished off the other 4 mounts so it became a really cool low rider. However it jammed all the moving engine parts into the hood...and tires...

It's up on blocks and stands so I can run the engine - but it cannot move anymore so it has to go. below is the description that I used for the local craigslist ad.

This has NOT BEEN STRIPPED and has ALL the ittybitty stupid sensors, connectors, plastic panels, etc and the front bumper / grill / etc parts are inside the van.
Unless they fell out a hole.

The engine/drivetrain is in perfect shape and this was a killer when I drove it..:)

Stuff this drivetrain in a roadwarrior that's worn out and you're good to go..!

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2004 AWD Chevy Astro Cargo Van for PARTS
4.3L MPFI Vortec ( RPO LU3 ) 190HP / 260 FT/LB
26,281 miles. Really.
No accident damage.
Engine runs perfect. Can demo.
AWD and AC worked last time driven.
Original factory service manual set included.
Clear title
NO Emission codes !

NOTE this has SEVERE frame / body rust and cannot, I REPEAT, cannot be repaired to become street legal without divine intervention and/or body panels AND SUBFRAME. Can only move a short distance without severe damage to front tires and/or moving engine accessories.

ALL 6 of the body-to-subframe mounts are broken away from rust and cannot be welded, period.

GOOD things:

A) Only 26K miles. Most powerful engine made for the Astro / Safari
B) NO cargo area windows. Windshield / sides original.
C) ALL doors work perfectly...!
D) All new brakes, calipers, fuel lines. floor cut for fuel pump access.
E) Intact, functional exhaust. (GOOD cat!)
( However the battery was disconnected between start ups so emissions need to be set with driving - which ain't gonna happen in this van )
G) Intact AWD kicks *** in the snow.
H) Only 23,874 miles when I got it - only 26,281 now.
I) Comes with a smattering of odd parts from 2003 donor that had all the cool convenience packages. Repainted grill / trim and bumpers included.
J) Almost new General Arctic max 225/70/R16 tires on matching rims.