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2004 Astro DRL's (Daytime Running Lamps)

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Does ANYONE know how I can PERMANENTLY disable the DRL's (Daytime Running Lamps) on this van. I can't stand it anymore! I know how to turn them of with the DOME OVERRIDE button, but it is annoying to do it EVERY TIME I START THE VAN! Also, it is not the fuse, for it ALSO controls the gauge cluster, hence it is not possible to start the van. ANYONE, PLEASE ANYONE, HELP!!!
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Yeah, even if it means just cutting a simple wire, I will do it! It drives me nuts... considering it is my first Chevy and vehicle w/ DRLs. :banghead:
This is for those who decided to give me crap for wanting to disable my DRLs:

1- I have expensive HID lights in my van, I DO NOT want to run them ALL the time.
2- IT IS NOT A LAW HERE IN THE STATES TO HAVE DRLs. In may be a law in a specific state the run your lights in rain or snow, but not here in WI.
3- I am not lazy or incompetent to turn my lights on myself, they are right in front of me... are you the kind of person (the ones who are criticizing me) that is too lazy to use your directional too? THAT REALLY ANNOYS ME, if fact, it PISSES ME OFF!
Here, check this site out, you (once again, the ones who are criticizing me) may ACTUALLY learn something here!
I didn't post this to be criticized on WHY I want to disable them, I asked if anyone knew how to! If it is a LAW to have them, everyone who doesn't would get in trouble, RIGHT!?! I just don't like them! Those who do like them, GREAT... good for you, but those who don't, like me, it can be annoying. So, there is my thoughts in rebuttal to your thoughts!
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I sent a LINK to LIGHTSOUT, did I say anything about BELIEVING everything they say? NO!!! All I want to do is figure out how to, if there is a way, to disable my DRL's, THAT'S IT!!! If there isn't a way on my year, fine... I will figure it out another way, from somebody else at a different time. I don't want your input or feelings on DRL's, just looking on how to disable them, DICKHEADS. If you DRL's Great... REALLY, GREAT FOR YOU AND YOUR LAZY *** THAT CANNOT TURN ON YOUR OWN LIGHTS IF YOU WISH TOO!!! Like I said, I personally don't like them. And don't tell me about 'BRAINWASHING'... you are a true moron. How many stats are out there stating accidents, or deaths because a person did not have there lights on during the middle of the afternoon on a clear, bright sunny day! Find it, and send me the link. Or better yet, cash to replace my lights every F****** YEAR! Whatever happened to people driving there cars and not there cars driving them. If it is such a good feature, then why doesn't EVERY car have them, tell my that one smart guys!!! :screaming: :screaming: :screaming: :screaming:
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