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2004 Astro DRL's (Daytime Running Lamps)

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Does ANYONE know how I can PERMANENTLY disable the DRL's (Daytime Running Lamps) on this van. I can't stand it anymore! I know how to turn them of with the DOME OVERRIDE button, but it is annoying to do it EVERY TIME I START THE VAN! Also, it is not the fuse, for it ALSO controls the gauge cluster, hence it is not possible to start the van. ANYONE, PLEASE ANYONE, HELP!!!
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Okay I have to know... WHY do you want to disable them? They are, after all, a safety feature to help other drivers see you. What is it about them that annoys you? Did I miss something?

Sorry I don't know how to disable them, by the way. Just starting cutting wires at random, I'm sure you'll find one that does it for ya.
5yck8oi said:
1- I have expensive HID lights in my van, I DO NOT want to run them ALL the time.
...This would have been a sufficient response.

I am sorry if my post seemed offensive. I fully support doing whatever tickles your fancy as far as modifying your van goes. Please don't take anything that anyone said too personally. I don't think anyone meant any harm. This is the internet folks; text on the screen can easily be misconstrued. More power to you if you successfully disable your DRL's. You are absolutely entitled to do whatever you want.
If only the title of this post was "Need to disable DRL's due to HID upgrade"... All of this could have been avoided.

It did actually end up being a pretty informative topic. I learned a lot about Daytime Running Lights. Thank you everyone for contributing! If a person could read this topic and evade the negativity you'll actually learn something. :p
1 - 3 of 43 Posts
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