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2004 Astro DRL's (Daytime Running Lamps)

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Does ANYONE know how I can PERMANENTLY disable the DRL's (Daytime Running Lamps) on this van. I can't stand it anymore! I know how to turn them of with the DOME OVERRIDE button, but it is annoying to do it EVERY TIME I START THE VAN! Also, it is not the fuse, for it ALSO controls the gauge cluster, hence it is not possible to start the van. ANYONE, PLEASE ANYONE, HELP!!!
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well, guys, i don't know why you would like to disable the drl but i may have some info to help you out....considering you may be that desperate....sorry for the long post but reading from the helms shop manual:
DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS (DRL): the ambient light sensor is a light sensitive transistor that varies its voltage signal to the body control module (BCM)in response to changes to the outside (ambient) light level. When the bcm receives this signal it will either turn on the drl or the headlights for auto headlamp operation. Any function or condition that turns on the headlights will cancel the drl operation. With the headlight switch in the off position, the headlights will either be turned on or off, after an approximate 8 second delay depending on whether daylight or low light conditions are sensed. The drl will operate when the ignition switch is in the run position, the gear selector is not in the park position and the parking brake is released. When these conditions have been met and the ambient light sensor indicates daytime conditions, the drl will illuminate...(HERE IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING) The drl relay is supplied battery positive voltage by the gauges fuse in the ip fuse block. When the bcm requests drl operation, the drl relay coil is grounded by the bcm activating the relay. The energized drl relay bypasses the multifunction headlamp dimmer switch by rerouting ground g110 directly to both low beam headlamp bulbs.
So, it appears to me the the purpose of the drl relay is to provide a ground for the drl...ergo, if the relay is removed the drl should be de-activated..however, the drl relay also provides a ground for the high beam flash to pass and MAY require a jumper from pin 9 to pin 7 to keep this high beam flash to stay activated.
So, if you accept this mission, the sender disavows any knowledge of your existence....I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE!!'ll have to try this on your own...good luck..
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hello meet, i dug the manual out again and paged through the fuse block diagrams...i couldn't find a drl fuse...the drl relay on the 2003 gets it power through fuse #4 which also controls the instrument gauges...i think there were some changes somewhere in 1999-2003 but can't tell you what they are.....learn something new every day!!!!
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