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2004 Astro DRL's (Daytime Running Lamps)

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Does ANYONE know how I can PERMANENTLY disable the DRL's (Daytime Running Lamps) on this van. I can't stand it anymore! I know how to turn them of with the DOME OVERRIDE button, but it is annoying to do it EVERY TIME I START THE VAN! Also, it is not the fuse, for it ALSO controls the gauge cluster, hence it is not possible to start the van. ANYONE, PLEASE ANYONE, HELP!!!
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DRZ said:
Again, on an earlier van, unplug the ground wire at the base of the parking brake bracket. This does the same thing as draging the parking brakes without them being used.
Or wire in a switch so you have the best of both worlds. I wired my back up alarm on a switch so not as to wake everyone up at 6AM backing out of the driveway.
I have HID's also, and I found a cheap site on E bay to buy GOOD replacements. I like having them on. My 99' The only way i can turn mine off is to set the parking brake. Unless I pull the fuse. the lights out site, reads like a Nazi propaganda film.
If the DRL's bother you that much......Then don't look at them as you drive, assuming that is possible, is about a reticulated as believing that DRL would in fact STOP a car wreck. It is a good safety feature. and I have seen more cars on the road, in Dusk or dawn times that don't turn there headlights on. So it does help.
p.s. If your unable to control your [CAP LOCK] please don't type. Using the [CAP LOCK] is like yelling and that annoys me........LOL
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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