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2004 Chevy Astro Cargo 5 window. 276000 miles.
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Before I consider swapping a LS in my van I am performing much research on wiring, mounting, and any other potential issues I may face. I do have engine adapter mounts for the V6 to V8 swap. I plan on having my harnesses ready to go once I install the new engine. I'm familiar with schematics and wiring circuits but searching for simple cross references. I plan on wiring it through existing fuse block if possible.
I would greatly appreciate any feedback possible.



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Hey AA, welcome to the forum.
This is thread from 2015 is the build thread from the '05 I now own.
In my signature I have a new thread about it (no new info about the swap just repair, maintenance and set up for work)
and my '93 swap, TBI, 2WD, not much help for gen II or LS.

My '05 has the original fuse block, harness, ECM, just 2 more cylinders programmed in.
2" bodylift, 2" risers on the motor mounts.
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