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2004 AWD Base Astro - DCsleeper

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New to me today.
Been reading since March. Many thanks to all the previous posters and the admins for keeping this going. I've done several builds and this is a nice site with alot of info. Makes it easy, and convinces gullible individuals to buy a vehicle that don't need, just to f**k with it.
I've worked on Astros before and always said "remind me not to buy one of these".
But I had a stroke last August, and somebody posted about AWD and I fell for it. :doh:
So after looking online everywhere I could think of, and several false starts, I bought an Astro in my tiny NC town.

2004 Astro base but AWD.

My plan is a mild lift 235-75-15s
4472 all the time transfer case replacement
some kind of v8 replacement, maybe 350 CPI, maybe 6.0 :shock:

It was fleet bought by the Red Cross. Hopefully well maintained, but nope, the wipers don't even work....I think I remember how to fix that.

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Better photos than we find on @[email protected]
dcsleeper said:
... We need this :thu::thu:
No kidding :thu::thu:
dcsleeper said:
I only painted the grill. This paint is glossy and stark white. It would really stand out if I painted the fuel door only. I took it off to do just that.

Now I've decided to use a totally different fuel door.

The grill is really growing on me, even though my paint job is amateur hour. It was almost deteriorating and chalky, now it looks more smooth.
Was there a pic of the new paint - did I miss something, as usual?
Doesn't look any different to me.

Nice new to you wheels - did you get the center caps too - or do they have them for them?

Not sparing any expense on photo size n' quality... are ya?
dcsleeper said:
... Is the photo quality too good or too bad?
I just use my phone and then upload to the gallery.
Pics are kinda' small and grainy when 'enlarged'.

On the "Extremely Bright Side Friday" side... your pics are all right side up.

:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
dcsleeper said:
It has no windows
Well, of course, except for the front and rear doors, right?
Man - there's some neat stuff there. coincidentally, augie just showed one of those 7 to 4 adapters w/ the LEDs.
I was thinking of going with 2 different sockets on one plate, but not now! Nice.
Thanks again guys!!

I also wish you "Great Intake Air" w/ the non-F&N.
I have had a couple of the 2 different styles - cone and square - had 'em in both our cars at one time.
Never knew how long it had been, I was always, "Is this dirty... can I see light" or should I coat it?
How long's it been. Did I clean it right, etc, fret, oh no...
Dang, that's alot of leaves.
I paid $15 or $20 about 10 years back. Now - the throwaway's costs are driving more to go your route.

I think our Motor deserves bright shiny brand new Air Filters bought by the case / dozen from Wick like the Oil filter, too.
No offense - Those are nice - F&N and the Very Good Competition.
They are obviously "Cooler" and Easier when you are young!!

I surely got 2-3 HP just from the classic sticker. ( I know... reaching... old ... dementia)
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Been meaning to ask you...

dcs 2.jpg

With that as your Sig, where is YOUR Avatar ??
Hmmm ?

:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

LOL - you could do -
The Nadster Nods.jpg
all in fun... ok, DC, Sleeping...
Political Humor
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No need to thank myself for the video Utoob waste of 15 minutes.
But, HAD to watch a bit of all of them after Ms. Gummy Bear LMAO...

"You Chose Wisely" as Cartoon Character Avatars are all the Rage here.
dcsleeper said:
sheesh, you guys don't know how to play the cheap game.
That is really funny, dc...
Window motor CB rebuild comes to mind.
dc, sorry, meant to get back to ya' - been remodeling / rearranging/ cleaning / carpeting the entire house and of all things - now entertaining relatives / company for a week.
Worse than Biden getting elected...


dcsleeper said:
You weren't called out. On Fords the electric lock motor is the same way, you gotta bridge a current limiter once they quit having enough power to stroke the lock.
No - did not think of it, cool - what the heck are those inits? ( too lazy to g00gull )

sixsix said:
dcsleeper said:
sheesh, you guys don't know how to play the cheap game.
That is really funny, dc...
Window motor CB rebuild comes to mind.
Cheap is the name of our game here in the disabled / retired Marine / living off everyone working Land*...

* Especially AstroWill.

And what is it w/ Custom Tranny Pans these days? ( looks funny written... )
And... when did Lumpy say that about lifted Pacers?

And ... ... when will we get to see your " Alias (AKA) " ... I mean - we all put in our Locations and all - LOL

:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
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sixsix said:
Cheap is the name of our game here in the disabled / retired Marine / living off everyone working Land*...

* Especially AstroWill.
I was reminded by mgmt. that I was being a little too, let's say, "Bannably Brisk" in a post. ( Bannably is not a true word - so I had trouble spelling it ). If it were a word, I think that is how it would go.

To be perfectly honest - It was not meant "mean" as opposed to polar opposites - he's working, he's in charge, he can breathe, he knows our subject, he has me in his antagonistic palm...

sorry, dc, I was bummed.

:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
"If you don't want people saying you suck, which is the truth, stop sucking"

What a riot !
And some nice "Stuff" you got there.

:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
Deaf, you know what these huge paragraphs do to most of us - *eyes glazed over*
uhhh... where was I...? - are we not allowed to hit RETURN or ENTER before posting or submitting ?
Using a godforsaken Phone for everything...?

White Space - the term is lost on most people & cannot get a decent description from G00gull.

Paragraghs - I must have submitted a dirty word...

Seems like easy to read and grammar / spelling rules / suggestions are out the window.
Most all writing rules seem to be following the 280 character rule of msg'g.

Abbreviations, Lingo, Lifestyles, Character and Attitude run communications from here on out.
"longhand" or "Cursive" has gone the way of self respecting african americans and muslims w/ a brain.

But... I digress... RANT OVER, BUT NOT ENDED
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To be Honest, I DO enjoy reading your posts ( altho, my last post... well ).
The "wire leg crush / pan" dealeo is ingenious.
Saw it done w/ foil wrap under the hood / air cleaner clearance.
Heck, there's one on this site...

8/1/22 Edit: It's gone to a new home in So. Fla. Sweet!
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