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2004 AWD Base Astro - DCsleeper

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New to me today.
Been reading since March. Many thanks to all the previous posters and the admins for keeping this going. I've done several builds and this is a nice site with alot of info. Makes it easy, and convinces gullible individuals to buy a vehicle that don't need, just to f**k with it.
I've worked on Astros before and always said "remind me not to buy one of these".
But I had a stroke last August, and somebody posted about AWD and I fell for it. :doh:
So after looking online everywhere I could think of, and several false starts, I bought an Astro in my tiny NC town.

2004 Astro base but AWD.

My plan is a mild lift 235-75-15s
4472 all the time transfer case replacement
some kind of v8 replacement, maybe 350 CPI, maybe 6.0 :shock:

It was fleet bought by the Red Cross. Hopefully well maintained, but nope, the wipers don't even work....I think I remember how to fix that.

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The body lift is nice if not for just being able to get in around the motor much easier to fix stuff and to change plugs. Look for rust around the two front body mounts. Plus you will need longer bolts probably. It's easier/harder than it looks.

I don't like helper/shocks at all but it's a thing around here...Personally I like better leaf springs but they are a bear to change and helper shocks (effectively struts) make it easy to swap. The downside is, if you are going to do a real suspension lift, they might work still? It's all trial and error.

some love the motorcycle soccer mom variant transfer case. I killed two of them and finally got a mechanical borg warner out of an older van and never looked back. I will probably either set my van on fire...but if I don't, I will go manual. I can always lock it in..and driving it in 4wd on wet pavement isn't the end of the world.
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