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I've been at this awhile. Literally ripped out the sleeping area 3 times and re-did a few other parts multiple times. I think I'm done. Yeah, sure..:rolleyes: Actually STILL have a few odds and ends to deal with..

Couple of things:..
I'm a fairly short guy, so I had an advantage that most probably don't in terms of how much "space" they need.

I wanted to be able to easily revert to a partial cargo van to transport my Honda CT70 if I want To change over, backrest, then bed platform flip up against driver side windows and all passenger side stuff remains in place.
I wanted to keep access from the cab area, the slider, and the rear door with having to move anything.

Most typical tuneup stuff was done along with shocks and new tires. Kept everything stock except for an upgraded alternator

Power consists of 2 100AH AGM batteries charged by alternator, and 100w solar panel. I've got a 300w convertor that I haven't installed yet, but currently don't have any 110v equipment on board.

Here's a list of the amenities:

Bed/couch is 23x72 inch, 4 inch thick cushion.
45 liter fridge
7 gallon fresh water and sink with 6 gallon grey water tank
2 gallon shower setup heated by 150 w 12v element.
2 burner propane stove.
Dry toilet that uses disposable bags.
Diesel heater with a 5qt fuel reservoir, remote start, control panel and CO detector
Multiple storage containers and spaces
Mini fan
Mini blinds on drivers side, window panels and curtains for other windows.
Chrome notebook using USB port streaming 40+ TV stations thru a VPN and Iphone as a hot spot.
Music is currently just my OEM stereo/CD player wired to house batteries.
Also have a DIY 5X7 awning setup that uses the roof rack and supports braced off the van body by suction cups. Will try to get a pic up of that if anyone is interested.

As long as I've got sun hitting the panel, I haven't had any issues running things when needed and keeping batteries charged. I do try to heat water when under power That's a big draw.. Fridge runs 24/7 in background when needed with no issues.'s some pics of the interior "closed up" and when "in use". I included some pic of the heater installation because it wasn't easy to find a spot that worked. Might help some that are considering installing one. Mine is a $130 2K Vevor. FWIW, was on the fence about installing one, I'm glad I did. pretty amazing units..

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Are you a Youtuber? You should make a tutorial on how to set up those window blinds. Those are FANTASTIC! Does the sliding door have window blinds too? Do you have dutch doors? Does the hatch window have blinds too? The blinds behind the driver/passenger seat look like your ordinary curtains with a regular mounting bar, is the bar just wedged in between the paneling?
Thanks, unfortunately I don't seem to possess the capability to document much of my "creations". ASMOF I marvel at the detail and instructions some here have to explain the things they do. As to the rest of the windows, I did make blinds for the slider, but found that a curtain works better for my needs. Yes to the dutch doors and rest of the windows have either curtains or panels that velcro to the glass or both..

Here's a pic of how I hung the curtain rod. Drivers side is a copper pipe stand off screwed to the body behind the panel. The driver side is a pipe bracket attached to a block I made that attaches with longer screws using the grab bar mounting points..

Oh, I included is a pic of my 5 qt. oil jug converted into a fuel tank for my heater I fit in the space in front of the battery.

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I mounted my pump under the van about 1.5 ft away from heater fuel port, which puts it a good 8+ feet from the tank. Lots of advice on the pump needing to be near the tank, but not an issue if the tank and feed line are basically gravity feeding the pump.(as in my case). Fuel line goes from the tank to behind the grill, across the front of the van inside the bumper(within 5/8 heater hose) back thru the engine compartment and out behind the front passenger side wheel well.

The picture of the pump is looking up from underneath toward the front passenger WW.. The pump is mounted on a brace between the front frame rail and the inner rocker panel. I still need to make some sort of cover to protect it better.. I only used the rubber hanger that came with the pump and a small piece of baling belt to isolate the hanger itself.. Pump is barely audible inside or out unless your really listening for it.

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