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233 swap Journeys off road kit

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Hey all,
As some of you know i've been dealing with transfer case issues for a bit.
I replaced my transmission and the junkyard gave me one from a blazer, in turn cracking my case because the tailshaft was clocked wrong and the crash bar was put under stress.
my TCCM was on the fritz too
I have since replaced the stock AWD transfer case with a 233 from an s10
I used journeys kit for the swap
Other than a few loose tolerances between some parts, I think it was worth the money
Next I'll be mounting 235/75 A/T tires


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Looks Great, I may go that route one of these days... maybe. I do like my center console tho. :-(

Love to hear more about your build and a review I'll be watching.

[email protected]
Looks Great!
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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