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233 swap Journeys off road kit

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Hey all,
As some of you know i've been dealing with transfer case issues for a bit.
I replaced my transmission and the junkyard gave me one from a blazer, in turn cracking my case because the tailshaft was clocked wrong and the crash bar was put under stress.
my TCCM was on the fritz too
I have since replaced the stock AWD transfer case with a 233 from an s10
I used journeys kit for the swap
Other than a few loose tolerances between some parts, I think it was worth the money
Next I'll be mounting 235/75 A/T tires


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TurnNburn said:
You can just take out that brace bar if your not using it. I know my 233 didn't have provisions for bolting back on. Otherwise looks pretty good.
It's rusted to the block really well, I may sawzall it out. But other than that I like the kit. It takes a bit of a push to get it into 2wd from 4. I may make the lever longer
srdragonusa said:
Looks Great, I may go that route one of these days... maybe. I do like my center console tho. :-(

Love to hear more about your build and a review I'll be watching.

[email protected]
There's a way to keep the electric shift in the transfer case, it's been posted on here somewhere

I'll be updated as often as I can, just trying to get it ready for winter right now
Well, tires are on.
Quite a bit of work to get the clearance in the front unfortunately
I will be lifting it either two or four inches.
I can't decide whether to use journeys lift or overlands


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lift kit is done
it helps ease shifting into different ranges as well which im happy about


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AstroWill said:
I'm sure all but one or two of those pieces are off the shelf items, have any more details on the kit?
2-3" kit comes with body pucks, longer bolts, loc tite, custom rear shackles, a custom cut bumper adapter for the height, and a detailed instruction guide
AstroWill said:
Thanks, though I should have specified, I was talking about the shift kit. :)
my bad
bracket for electronic shift motor replacement, shift lever, pivot point, adjustable rod, speed sensor (its different on a 233), and a waterproof switch and wire long enough to reach the computer to allow the trans to shift in low range (it comes with the correct pin already crimped on so all you have to do is plug it in the correct spot in the plug
I always shift mine into neutral before I change ranges

I went offroading with a pack of jeeps, and boy was it nice to not only not get stuck (some decent hill climbing/mud/water) but to not have to lay on the dirt to change ranges like the infamous jeep problem

I also cannot wait to drive through deep snow with mine


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Low range is totally worth it :chevy:


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Remove the motor, you can manually place the transfer case in 2wd for the time

I don't know how hard it will be to put in the JOR kit after its installed but we did exactly that in my dad's van, so we will be dealing with it later.
Right now it's just installed, motor off, in 2wd
Also advanced auto sells the correct adapter for the speedometer. You NEED that.

It's listed as a lamp socket or something
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