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52" led light bar install on my 95 lifted GMC Safari

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I decided to install a 52" led curved light bar.
The brackets that came with the light bar from Amazon did not work at all
I did get new brackets from eBay to fit a 99 to 06 Chevy 1500

of course, it gave me an excuse to buy a new tool but I needed it to install
the rivet nuts for the brackets to bolt to the van


here is the driver's side bracket installed

here is the passenger side bracket installed

there was a little tweaking of the brackets to make the light bar to fit


I know its daylight out but its still fricken bright
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Meterpig said:
markmitch said:
Correct me if I am wrong, but that can only be used off road right? Very cool bracketry and light either way I like it.
You can do whatever you want in a snowstorm.
Still not a good idea to blind the guy coming at you,
it would suck to hit a plow head on...

Nice AK, now you can see it would be a good time to pick up the yard! :poke:
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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