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8 speaker system upgrade

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My '04 has the 8 speaker setup and one of the front door speakers are shot. Previous owner replaced the head unit with cheap aftermarket, but im not a fan and will likely replace again.

Ive upgraded speakers in every vehicle ive owned, but this one is a bit more in depth then im used to. Seems most of these (all?) are one way/component style with high or low pass filters. Never dealt with those.

Im not looking for high end/audiophile quality...just fuller sound. Perusing Crutchfield, I see most of the sizes listed so that helps.

Ok, so my questions...

Would it be best to stick with component style? If so, using the factory wiring (hopefully), would I need to purchace seperate filters for each speaker? Are they all one way?

The factory amp...can/should I reuse it for the new speakers? Any idea what kind of power it puts out?

Are the Crutchfield specs correct? Anyone know what tweeter size fits well in the door (they dont have a size for that)? I dont mind modifying the openings a bit to fit something larger...if its better. That said, i hope to button it all back up with the factory grilles.

And can anyone school me on the actual wiring (These in series, parallel? How many channels are there? What ohms should I be looking for?).

Thanks in advance!
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Ooo, thanks! That should come in handy.

RSA=the amplifier?
The diagram is helpful, but there's more specifics I need before I can put a purchace together.

Hasn't anyone upgraded their speakers?
That link is super informative...thank you. I noticed that someone mentions in it that conversation bypassing the amp puts the rear speakers in series, and in my previous searches around here I've seen that too. Thats where that question came up. That also lead to the impedance question.

I'm noticing most folks are replacing their factory "woffers" with 2 or 3 way. Every other install I've done, it's been replacing a 2 way with a 2 way (or 3)...which is why i was asking about this component style setup we have in our vans, and if its wise to stick with that style. I've just never dealt with that, though it seems ideal.

As far as what end result I'm looking for...obviously replacing the crackling door speaker. Beyond that, just getting the best sound I can without falling off the deep end. Not "boom boom", but not cheap paper cone either. I have few bucks I can throw at it, I drive a lot, and I like music.
Resurrecting...cause I still dont really have an answer...

Say I'm leaving everything the same, just changing out the blown speaker (well...the front pair). Should/can I replace it with a 1way, component type, midrange woffer? 4ohm? Something like this:

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