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87 ASTRO 5 speed 4.3 L RWD in Ontario Canada

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I am selling my astro van. Complete new cooling system, (rad, pump, heater core), new clutch 500 kms ago and still lots left, Added some storage boxes under rear seat, and on drivers side and around shifter base, all carpeted and lined. Has 280,000 kms on her and still good for another 150 plus. I am the second owner, bought it from a friend who was original owner. He was a machinist and did a very good job caring for it. I'm a millwright and took just as good a care of her too. Gets better mileage than stock auto tranny, about 700 kms plus per tank. Need $600.00 for it firm. Only needs short tie rod to certify, Only rust is light under passenger door. new plugs filter wires and all tun-up stuff done this summer. Low kms on tires, should be good for at least another year. :swerve: , but I'm sure you'll put snows on for the winter. Feel free to email me, [email protected] or call me (905) 220-1322 to arrange to see her. These 5 speeds are rare and I'm sure it won't last long. I hate to part with it, just don't need 2 vehicles right now.
Thanks, Larry
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I wish I had the time and money to get this. DO WANT!
What city/town are you in?
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