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87 ASTRO 5 speed 4.3 L RWD in Ontario Canada

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I am selling my astro van. Complete new cooling system, (rad, pump, heater core), new clutch 500 kms ago and still lots left, Added some storage boxes under rear seat, and on drivers side and around shifter base, all carpeted and lined. Has 280,000 kms on her and still good for another 150 plus. I am the second owner, bought it from a friend who was original owner. He was a machinist and did a very good job caring for it. I'm a millwright and took just as good a care of her too. Gets better mileage than stock auto tranny, about 700 kms plus per tank. Need $600.00 for it firm. Only needs short tie rod to certify, Only rust is light under passenger door. new plugs filter wires and all tun-up stuff done this summer. Low kms on tires, should be good for at least another year. :swerve: , but I'm sure you'll put snows on for the winter. Feel free to email me, [email protected] or call me (905) 220-1322 to arrange to see her. These 5 speeds are rare and I'm sure it won't last long. I hate to part with it, just don't need 2 vehicles right now.
Thanks, Larry
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Do you know the requirements for me to import the van to the US??.
$600.00 Canadian??.Interesting.Got Pic's??.Please answer question about importing.Could it be driven back to say Roch,NY??. :think:
I am very interested in it.Hummmmm :think:
Talked to NYS DMV today and now know what they want for the plates.I will call customs tomorrow to get details from them.

Call placed and left msg with Larry.
Larry does the van meet Canada's emission standards??.Has it passed recently??.Does it have this sticker?:

You will need the carrier's original bill of lading for Customs clearance in addition to the foreign registration, bill of sale and all other documentation about the vehicle. You will also need to complete DOT form HS-7 and EPA form 3520-1 declaring the safety and emissions provisions under which the motor vehicle is being imported. To meet all U.S.A. emission requirements, a motor vehicles engine compartment must bear a manufacturer's label, in English, that attests to this fact. The port of entry Customs inspector may require proof of eligibility if the vehicle does not have this label.

Seems it must be steam-cleaned under the van too because of this:

The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture requires that imported cars have their undercarriage cleaned so they do not have any foreign soil to help guard against the possible importation of dangerous pests. You should contract to have your car thoroughly cleaned and/or steam-sprayed before it ships.

How doable is that??.Anyone near you that could do that kind of thing??.

Your help on this van is surely appreciated.
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Does it have the sticker I spoke about??.With a cat,would it pass a etest??.Pretty sure that is going to be needed to get it threw customs.
87-5-speed-4.3 said:
honestly dont know if it'll pas etest without cat. I wasn't planning on including an cat for that price. Could you get a temp trip permit for the and get one put on?It does have the stiker under the hood that says it should have one.
From what I read,they wouldn't let it threw customs.I'll call tomorrow to customs and double check that part.I wouldn't expect you to include a cat at that price,but we might need to have you price out a cheapy cat installed and see what it would cost.

From what I read,they seize the van until it meets standards and or destroy the van.Both of us know once you open "that" can of worms,they are going to look at it bumper to bumper.Does the van burn any oil??.Is there anything else that would keep it from passing a etest??.Sure don't want to get to the bridge to the US and then have to fight to keep the van.

I found out Canadian Tire is the place that the U.S. gov has chosen to do US import inspections and they do them on Wednesdays.If anyone from the US is going to buy this van or you intend or sell to anyone from the US,cat missing aside,it might be in your best interest to have that inspection done.That said,it would remove any doubt you handing the paperwork to the buyer and them being able to get across the border.We both know this is because the van hasn't been etested in a number of yrs.

Please let me know if you would be able to have that done,

Thank You,

Well to all who has been following this thread and to directly to the seller Larry,I know what a classic this van is.That is totally why I was interested in this van in the first place.I have been around the Astro's for a long time.

While both of us ,Larry and myself,learned what it would take to get this van legally imported to the US,I want to clearly say much to Larry's credit he has been completely honest and straight with me.

What I posted is what I found on the links posted and those are from the US customs.All I have done here is honestly post what I have learned and to share the same with the membership of this site.If you click on the customs link,you will see the statement about seizing or destroying the van.

I did not know what it would take to get a van imported when I started to look at making this GREAT deal.From the heart Larry,I really mean it is a great deal,No kidding.In fact I have hoped to purchase the van to replace my 1994 LT for a daily driver.Fix what it needed and be sure it was all good.I still hope to make it workout.

Lastly-I know full well that all Larry wants it to get his $600.00 out of the van.I also know given that price it shouldn't take anything away from Larry to get it across the border.All I am asking and sharing with you all is exactly what it would cost.Larry has told me the Cat installed is about $150.00.and all I am asking Larry to do is be the good guy he has been to look into what it cost beyond the Cat to make it into a legal import.Not now or ever lower the price or incur costs to Larry.I am also clearly stating that if Larry wants to check out with Canadian Tire about the import inspection and what costs would be associated with that or if he decides this is way too much B.S. for both of us to deal with because of US customs.If the second case is his decision,it would be a hard hit,but I would have to agree.

We are both Astro owner's gentleman trying to work out details of this import and I am sharing the same on the forum.

Either way Larry,you have my upmost respect for what you have done so far,


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Just wanted to say to all that Larry is a real quality guy. :clap: :clap: That I appreciate all his efforts for me and to get the van across the border.I didn't end up getting the van and hopefully the new owner will become(if he isn't already)a member of this site.I do hope Larry will still hand-out on the site van or not.
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