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88 Astro van problems running.

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Hi guys Im new to the board just recently acquired a Astro van and have run up with some issues. It is a 1988 4.3 V6 with only 63k Miles on it.

I have so far replaced the TBI gasket, fuel filter, and map sensor. Here is the issue I am having. Im thinking it might be my fuel pump but Il let you guys be the judges.

Basically when everything is hooked up properly the car starts runs for a split second then shuts off. But if I unhook the vacuum hose from the map sensor the car turns over and idles for about 5 to 10 minutes before dying out. Of course if I put it in gear at that point it will die right away too.

Also when I turn it on and let it idle with the vacuum from the map sensor unhooked when I hit the gas pedal quickly it tries to bog down but if I press on the gas pedal gradually it will raise in rpm all the way till red line.

Any suggestions are helpful, thank ahead of time.
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Hi sxfx
Welcome to the board. I saw this post when you first put it up. I was hoping someone would chime in that had this year (I don't). Having said that, I have worked on a few and owned an 88 cargo van but on duel fuel (Gas/Propane). Having that little miles on your van is a good thing one way, but can be not so good in another, it really depends on how it was maintained while in storage.

Either way, you will need to break this broad problem down into 3-parts, Fuel-Air-Spark.
-Fuel: Correct Pressure (9-13 PSI) - Fuel Regulation
-Air: No Vacuum Leaks (Cracked or Broken Vac Lines) - Good PCV Valve
-Spark: Strong Blue spark from all points leading to the plug - Good Plugs.

These are Basic starting points to help you narrow down the area that is causing this problem for you, and the way I would do it myself. Please keep us updated, Thanks.

PS: Was this problem present before or after you worked on the van? Thanks.
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Hi astro355
I checked the year (88-V6 4.3) for fuel pressure and it states 9-13 PSI. If their is anything else that you have that states differently, please let us know. Like I said earlier, I don't have this year, and I want to make sure we give accurate information to the people who ask. That's what All Data States though. Thanks.:)
Hi stro355
I thought it was a bit low as well, that's why I rechecked after you mentioned it. Both Auto Zone and All Data states 9-13 PSI. Still think it's a bit low for an Injected system, usually you see that type of pressure on Mechanical fuel pumps.

Yes we do learn something new everyday for sure, thanks for the response and I apologize to the OP for side tracking this thread. Just wanted to make sure the information was correct. :)
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